From the Desk of Patrick Harvell, HJHS Principal:

  • Welcome to our wonderful Hillsboro Junior High School campus. Throughout these formative junior high years, we aim to provide an atmosphere that fosters the creative spirit, increases self-confidence, and provides opportunities for healthy decision-making.  Patrick Harvell

    Academic rigor, real-life relevance, positive social interaction, and healthy self-esteem stand as our foundational pillars for success. Our multi-disciplinary curriculum offers individualized learning within a group dynamic. Our teachers enthusiastically relate the information to real world uses. We believe that a primary role of HJHS is to provide students with the skills and attitudes necessary to actively engage in their own education. Therefore, our students learn by doing and thus become lifelong learners, develop strong character, and build a healthy self-esteem.

    Ever committed to the real world, relevant education of our students, we demonstrate that school is an integral part of community. Students are encouraged to participate in activities outside the classroom and parents are encouraged to get involved in activities inside the classroom. Together, we give a balanced, academically challenging, and real-life relevant education to our students.

    It is an honor to partner with you.