HHS Cheerleaders 2021-2022


  • The HHS Cheerleaders promote and uphold school spirit, support and encourage all school teams, develop a sense of good sportsmanship among students, and improve relationships between schools during competitive events. They are ambassadors to the community and establish the high personal ideals and good character expected of a Hillsboro cheerleader in order to be a role model for peers and younger children in HISD.

    To be eligible for tryouts, candidates must be enrolled as a full-time student the semester of the election, have a current average of 70 in all subjects, maintain high citizenship in all classes, not have served more than once in in-school suspension (ISS) for the current year, and not have been suspended from school during the current year. They also must be in good financial standing with the cheerleading organization and booster club, with no outstanding uniform debts, bills, or fines. Students falling below compulsory attendance standards will not be permitted to try out.

    Tryouts are held each spring. Selection as a cheerleader or mascot will be determined by ranking cheerleader candidates. A candidate’s overall score is the combination of rankings from judges, coach/sponsors, teacher recommendations, and office referrals, detentions, and in-school suspensions.

    Cheerleaders participate in a variety of school and community activities including pep rallies, football and basketball games, parades, Chamber of Commerce events, and community service.

    For more information, contact Rose Strona at (254) 582-4100 strona@hillsboroisd.org.