• Our Vision and Goals

    Mission Statement:  Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s World

    Vision Statement:  Hillsboro ISD - The Choice for Student Success

    Strategic Planning Goals:

    Goal 1: Through collaborative efforts ensure a focus on the quality of work provided all learners.

    Performance Objective:  Engaging experiences which lead to profound learning result from the work of dedicated individuals working collaboratively throughout the district/schools to design meaningful experiences for their targeted audience.

    Goal 2:  Increase understanding of and commitment to the HISD beliefs by developing a sense of ownership among key audiences.

    Performance Objective:  Individuals and groups throughout the District embrace, support and act in accordance with the HISD beliefs.

    Goal 3:  Broaden and strengthen the capacity of the school district as community builders to ensure common understanding of the needs and interests of those we serve beginning with students and including other key audiences.

    Performance Objective:  Strong reciprocal school-community relationships drive increased involvement and support of programs and activities.


HISD Board of Trustees