• Champion for Learners Commits to Excellence Embraces Change Leads by Example

A Hillsboro ISD Educator...

  • Commits to Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success

    • Demonstrates a command of subjects taught
    • Recognizes concepts central to subject and relationships to other content
    • Cultivates rich environments for learning with an awareness of different learning modalities
    • Understands relationships are central to learning
    • Seeks professional learning opportunities in order to grow in craft
    • Designs engaging learning experiences that connect to students’ interests
    • Utilizes multiple types of data to personalize instruction
    • Understands learning can happen anywhere
    • Displays a variety of problem-solving strategies
    • Reflects on teaching practices in order to meet students’ needs
    • Collaborates with local and global stakeholders to ensure student academic achievement
    • Creates opportunities for complex and multidimensional problem solving

    Embraces Change for Today’s Learner

    • Designs learning experiences that reflect the continuous change of today’s learning culture
    • Fosters a learning environment that empowers all students to take intellectual risks
    • Cultivates courage in learners to become self-directed
    • Encourages learners to make connections with past, present, and future learning
    • Supports learners connecting with their global peers to gain a broad understanding of the world around them
    • Engages in the latest methodologies and technology best practices to maximize each learner’s application and mastery of content in real world situations

    Leads by Example

    • Exemplifies integrity and character
    • Believes in the purpose of learning
    • Cares for students, peers, and community
    • Expresses pride in student accomplishments
    • Willing to experience and accept failure as part of the process to learning and success

    Champions for Learners

    • Understands and utilizes data to personalize learning for students
    • Encourages intellectual growth through diverse academic discussions
    • Knows the 21st century learner and creates relevant learning experiences
    • Supports all aspects of learning
    • Values student feedback and incorporates it into the design of work
    • Is flexible in responding to individual student needs