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Hillsboro ISD's Portrait of Learner and Educator

Portrait of a Learner

Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's World

In lockstep with Hillsboro ISD's mission of preparing our students for tomorrow's world, Hillsboro ISD developed a Portrait of a Learner profile to illustrate characteristics of a 21st century learner.  HISD's Portrait of a Learner embodies four skills necessary for students to be successful:  critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity/innovation.  This defines our approach to teaching and learning--engaging students in programs and initiatives designed specifically to help them master all four skills.

Portrait of an Educator

Leading by Example

Hillsboro ISD recognizes the the teacher in the classroom has the greatest impact on profound learning.  The HISD Portrait of an Educator reflects the skills, attributes, and dispositions necessary to build meaningful learning relationships with students as well as with parents and colleagues.