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Special Education

HISD’s Special Education Program is committed to supporting students with unique educational needs by designing individualized academic programs to help them reach their maximum potential and prepare them for the future. The district focuses on possibilities rather than limitations for each child.

The program also provides special transportation, homebound services, speech and occupational therapy, accommodations for visual or hearing impairments, and a transition program that assists students who are completing high school to enter the next stage of life.

Director of Special Programs Kathy Groppel serves as an advocate for each child and his or her parents. She is passionate about serving students and works closely with school staff to help identify children with special educational needs and refer them for proper testing to determine their disability.

She regularly collaborates with students, parents, administrators, counselors, regular education teachers, and special education teachers to develop individual educational plans (IEP) that allow students to learn in the least restrictive classroom environment.

Kathy Groppel and the district are committed to doing whatever is needed to help each child in the special education program to succeed in academics and life.

Kathy Groppel
Director of Special Education
Belinda Pizano
Administrative Assistant/
Records Clerk