Business Professionals of America (BPA)

  • Business Professionals of America (BPA) is a national organization for students preparing for careers in business and office occupations. The organization’s activities and programs complement classroom instruction by giving students practical experience through application of the skills learned at school.

    HHS students enrolled in initial, refresher, or upgrading business, career technical, and career or related education programs are eligible for membership. BPA members participate in and organize community service projects while working towards awards. They also serve as Junior Ambassadors to the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce. Some students travel to cities around the state or country to attend conferences and competitions.

    Benefits of membership include: 

    • Networking with professionals, other students and building lasting friendships 
    • Developing communication and presentation skills
    • Strengthening character and ability to work on a team
    • Improving poise, sociability, attitude, and tact
    • Creating opportunities for students to develop effective leadership skills
    • Developing confidence and a spirit of competition
    • Motivating students to become positive contributors to their communities
    • Enhancing students' resumes and portfolios through BPA projects and competitions

    For more information about BPA, contact Dodd Carmichael at (254) 582-4100 or Or visit the organization’s Web site: