New Student Registration

  • New students should bring a copy of their birth certificate, Social Security card, current immunization record, photo ID of person enrolling student, proof of residency (utility bill) and, if possible, most recent report card. 

    Students under the age of 18 must be enrolled by a parent, legal guardian, or adult resident who has a valid Power of Attorney for the student, or by a grandparent residing in the district who provides a substantial amount of after-school care for the student (at least four days each school week).

    For more information on requirements for admission, see the Admission, Release, Withdrawal section of the school's Student Handbook.  Links for Student Handbooks can be found on each school's website.


Returning Student Registration

  • All returning students must register online using Skyward Family Access  which opens in June. Online registration will end in August.  Computers are available at each campus for those who do not have a computer or Internet access at home.