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Inclement Weather Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How are decisions made to cancel school?

To determine school closings, District administrative staff will monitor weather conditions throughout the day or night. If conditions are questionable in the early morning hours, the team will travel roads to inspect the conditions. With the information available at that time, the District strives to make the best decision possible for the safety of students and staff.

When would I get the call that school is canceled or delayed?

To notify parents as early as possible so arrangements can be made, a decision to cancel school is usually made before 5:30 a.m.; however, sometimes, it is challenging to balance school if conditions do not exist before 5:30 a.m. For this reason, the staff uses weather radar to determine if deteriorating weather conditions are coming. If weather conditions deteriorate the night before a school day, a decision will be made as early as possible.

How can I find out if the school will be canceled or delayed?

The District uses the following methods to communicate inclement weather closings or delays:

Please check the website, social media, and our parent communication system, ParentSquare.  As well as local media: channels 10, 6, 25, and 44, and most major radio stations. Remember that media will be slower in communicating closures and delays than HISD’s resources.