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HJHS Fantastic Friday Focus- Week of 1/11



All of our 6th grade students accepted the One Word challenge.  They created a visual card, with their word and symbolic images on it, to focus on throughout the remainder of the year.  We also began a new novel study this week.  Students have enjoyed starting a journey with new characters.  They are making connections to children who are growing up in unconventional family situations and learning about empathy. 


Creativity is bubbling over as we dive into our poetry unit!  Figurative language, poetry structure and finding meaning in the pieces being read are all part of the fun in reading and writing class.  : )  Students have started working on an independent unit project in which students will compose a poetry book with 5 original poems, participating in a Poetry Slam at the end of the month.


This week we began our focus on nonfiction text.  Students read an article about the dangers of vaping.  They had discussions about other dangerous addictions, as well. We continued our study of Latin and Greek word parts. 



This week we reviewed substitution by using a magic square. Then, we wrote algebraic expressions using bar models. We are winding up the week with distributive property bingo.


These students have been rockin’ angle relationships this week. We started with the different angle pairs when parallel lines are cut by another line. They measured angles to figure out the pattern for themselves. We also went over Angle-Angle Theorems for triangles. Algebra students are starting a section on factoring polynomials.



We reviewed from last semester to refresh our inquisitive minds and gearing up for a unit on earth science!  Volcano's, earthquakes, rocks and tectonic plates here we come! 


Students are researching how catastrophic events affect ecosystems. These events include hurricane, volcano, tornado, tsunami. Students were assigned a catastrophic event and they are researching answers to questions.



We have a new group of artists this semester and we are starting the new year off right by diving right into painting! Students are painting “Thank You” cards for members of our school board.


New Year, new theatre students!  This week we are working on building a classroom relationship and showing respect for one another.