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HJHS Fantastic Friday Focus- Week of 2/1



We finished up our novel studies and created some interesting products to show our learning.  We also got started on AR and read thousands of words to continue our journey of becoming better readers!


We finished up our Poetry unit where students learned how to read and write different types of poems.  We concluded our unit with a Poetry Slam where students read an original poem they made to the rest of their class. 


This week we read a literary nonfiction article from SCOPE magazine.  We worked on various elements of nonfiction and summarizing.  We also began our small group novel studies.



This week we practiced solving one-step, one variable equations. We learned to do the opposite or inverse operation. We had an exciting game of Solving Equations Bingo.


This week we have been working on finding volume of 3D objects (cylinders, cones and spheres).  Not only have we been practicing how to use the formulas to find the volumes of these shapes, but we were able to figure out what the formulas are for volume of cones and spheres for ourselves by watching demos and comparing cones and spheres with same size radius and even height (for cones) as a cylinder!  We were pretty excited about our “Ah-ha” moments!



We had fun with layers of Earth this week.  This included making models out of playdough, playing an interactive computer game to match layers to names, and a project to add some art and creativity to science.  I was very happy with many of the models they came up with! 



This week students began their study of how humans impact water systems. They discovered what a watershed was and that it is not a shed that holds water. Students learned the different sources of water on Earth.


Eighth grade science started the week out learning about various types of maps and their uses. A new type of map for them was the topographic map which is a map of the contour of the land. They moved from maps into continental drift. Students studies about Alfred Wegener and his theory of continental drift, focusing on the supporting evidences.

Social Studies


Students are fulfilling their civic duty of serving on a jury. Andrew Jackson is on trail and it’s up to the students to decide if he will go down in history as a good or bad president. Students also used kept up with current events and categorized them in relation to the four areas of social Studies. Students concluded the week with a google classroom discussion in which they analyzed controversial contemporary public figures.


Digital Design 

Digital Design classes are wrapping up a Digital History Project and have been introduced to the Doodle for Google contest for this year.  The Doodle for Google contest theme for 2019 is “Whenever I grow up, I hope …”.  If our students are chosen from the State of Texas they get a Googley Swag Bag of electronics and Google merchandise and continue to the national competition where the public and a panel of celebrity judges will vote.  If they are in the top 5 for National, they get a paid trip to Google Headquarters in California and scholarships.  If they win overall National, they get a $30,000 scholarship for themselves, a $50,000 Google grant for the school, and get to sit down with Google designers to turn their doodle into an interactive experience.  They are excited about the contest and have over a month to perfect their doodle.   All students are creating a doodle as an assignment for digital design class.  Those who wish to enter the contest will get their parent’s signature and I will send those to Google at the beginning of March.

Photo Film 

Photo/Film is working on a practice yearbook by completing a 2-page spread about themselves in the yearbook software.  This familiarizes them with the software and shows us their design tastes and abilities.  We will be working on the yearbook periodically over the next two months.  They also have the opportunity to create a Doodle for Google if they choose.


Students have been learning about color this week. We have made watercolor color wheels and then moved on to using warm and cool colors with a purpose. We’ve had students do brilliant designs like mermaids, plants, and landscapes.


Theatre students are learning about the area of the stage, different types of stages, and audience etiquette. We have been learning that theatre class is a space free of judgement and that respect and love for one another comes first in this class. And while they think we are just playing fun games, we are in training to have better focus, better observation skills, better eye contact, and more self-confidence.


Classes are going great!  We will be making our first round of smoothies on Monday, Feb. 4th.   The students are excited about using their own recipes.  Also we will soon be working in the garden to learn about planting and taking ph soil samples.