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HJHS Fantastic Friday Focus- Week of 2/15



In Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Hawkins’ classes we have been diving deep into poetry. The students have been expressing themselves by writing several different types of poetry such as haikus, cinquains, acrostics, and free verse. Then the students got to do a new form of poetry called blackout poetry. In this form, the students used a copy of a page from a book and found random words to form their poem. Then they blackout everything, but those words. Some students added pictures to their work. They can’t wait to display their works at the upcoming E3 exhibit.


We have started our Things Not Seen novel unit and students have been focusing on our main character, Bobby, and his new found friend, Alicia, who is blind.  Seeing as Bobby  is invisible, the two share a unique relationship.  To better understand Alicia and how Bobby and Alicia interact, students read a nonfiction narrative Scope magazine article about a blind teenager who hasn’t let anything, including his blindness, stop him from doing anything he wants to accomplish in life.  We have focused on character analysis and making real world connections to our reading this week.

In writing, we have had conferences with everyone on their results of the Benchmark test they recently took.  We also rotated through stations on the items on which we need more work.  


Our 8th graders have been reading about some of our famous Black Americans this week. We have read about Harriet Tubman and Phillis Wheatley. We also are using our reading skills to support our answer choices by locating evidence in the text. We are continuing our novel stations with our novel groups. This week we did setting, theme, dialogue, and figurative language stations.



In Mrs. Slaten’s class this week, we graphed ordered pairs in all 4 quadrants of the coordinate plane. Our surprise pictures were Snoopy from Peanuts and a confusing coffee cup with steam. We are also creating our own coordinate plane picture, and we will have another student graph it.


This week we finished finding surface area of 3D figures, like cylinders and prisms.  We did an activity using nets (flattened 3D objects) to understand the faces that make up these figures and how to find total surface area.  We also reviewed how to find volume of these 3D shapes.



We have exploring our earth and what causes events like earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountain building.  It's been amazing to see the power of mother nature! During the  next six weeks we will be exploring space!


We have begun are extensive exploration of our solar system. We will analyze what allows life to exist on our planet.


This week in Science we completed our unit over plate tectonics. Students learned about Alfred Wegener and his Continental Drift Hypothesis. They spent several days learning the different types of plate boundaries and what landforms they create.

Social Studies


In Mr Long’s class we learned about Claudette Colvin and how she was the original Rosa Parks.  The students also studied  the origins of Valentine's Day.  They are looking forward to next week’s continued discussion of the Civil Rights movement and the events that led to it.


This week for Black History Month students were able to discuss quotes from influential African Americans. They applied their own understanding, gave historical examples and learned more about the person behind the quote. Students also wrote essays on various social studies topics. One topic was our nation’s creed sited in the Declaration of Independence. The students wrote some very inspiring essays that gave insight on their view of contemporary America.


Career Investigation 

Students are continuing to investigate what it takes to follow a particular field of study,  such as public service, which includes, education and training, human services, health sciences, government and public administration, state law, public safety, correction, and security.  They are also learning about how many credits one has to earn to proceed to receive a degree in one of these chosen fields.  Other fields they are investigating include agriculture, food services,  and natural resources and how they come together as a whole,  and the STEM (Science, Technology, Electronics and Math) disciplines.  

Digital Design

Digital Design classes have been working on Yearbook Cover Ideas to try to get their artwork on the cover of our yearbook for this year.

Photo Film 

Photo/Film Class has been working on their sample yearbook spreads about themselves so that we can decide who will work on which section of the yearbook.


Art Classes have learned how to draw using one and two point perspective. They have created art influenced by some of their favorite places they’ve visited, places they hope to visit, or places their imaginations have made up. Some students perspective artwork can be found in the fine arts hallway.


Theater students are wrapping up their first six weeks. We have learned about how to be a good audience member, safety in the theater, parts of a theater, and acting without words.

Upcoming Events

  • -Valentine’s Day Dance, February 15th-