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Intermediate Insight Week of 3/8

  • This week of school at H.I.S. has been amazing! It was so good to see all of our students smiling faces!  Our teachers and students have been busy working hard every day at H.I.S.!  High expectations have been communicated and are still being set for our students to strive for excellence daily.  Our students are already exceeding those expectations every day! H.I.S. chooses LOVE!
  • This week in 5th grade ELAR students are working hard. We are reviewing and spiraling all reading concepts from fiction to nonfiction. We are using the concepts in different forms of learning like games, stations and projects. We are revisiting reading strategies and testing strategies. We are reading our 2nd novel, Something Upstairs.
  • Fourth grade is doing fabulous! In ELAR, our students continue practicing the writing process. They are using commas in a series in their writing, specific strategies in reading passages with questions, as well as reviewing, revising, and editing. Our mathematicians are reviewing one- and two- step problems involving area and perimeter of a figure. Our scientists are examining how the Earth rotates for day and night, and how Earth revolves around the sun in an orbit. The students are analyzing the Moon Phases in relation to its position with the Earth and Sun, and how the moon’s gravity helps create our high and low tides. Our historians are practicing their writing skills while learning about how and why Texas joined the United States.
  • Students are using STAAR aligned passages using key reading strategies and their grade level testing strategies to help prepare students for the upcoming STAAR Reading test.
  • Students are reviewing context clues and text structures, which include cause and effect, theme, procedural passages, determine meaning of words, conflict solution, summary, point of view, inferences, drawing conclusions, text features and other important text structures.
  • Art Weekly - Artists at HIS made brown paper bag portfolios this week to carry their art home. Please donate any brown paper bags (Braum's, Brookshires, Trader Joe's etc) to the art room. Thank you in advance. Each student left one special artwork to display at E3. You can check out their work on Artsonia.
  • GATE students began a research project in preparation for our field trip to Medieval Times in April. As a class, we did a broad overview of the topic, then each student narrowed their focus to a particular area of interest for independent study.  
  • It's been a great week in 3rd grade! We started off the week by celebrating the end of our Wonder novel study with a trip to the Hippodrome to see the movie!  In reading classes, students focused on reviewing the elements of fiction.  We had good discussions about character traits and feelings and the importance of "choosing kind" and showing courage, all stemming from lessons we learned from our Wonder study unit.  We are looking forward to a refreshing Spring Break and coming back to school ready to finish the year strong!
  • Upcoming Dates:
    • 3/11/19 – 3/15/19